Writing clean code in Golang

Writing Clean and Efficient Code in Go

Writing Clean Code in Go This article covers the importance of writing clear, maintainable, and efficient code in the Go programming language. Clean code is a crucial aspect of software development as it makes the code easier to understand, modify, and enhances the application’s overall performance. To write clean code in Go, it’s crucial to follow best practices for code organization, readability, and modularity and avoid anti-patterns that lead to code complexity and bugs....

February 4, 2023
GitHub Actions with built-in CI

GitHub Actions/Workflows (CI) for PHP Developer

You must already know about GitHub specially if you are a Software Engineer. Ok, that’s great to know that you know. Now let’s talk about as a PHP developer how we can use GitHub actions or workflows (group of actions) to automate our CI job. It was very much expected feature from GitHub. What is GitHub actions & workflow? You got me right. I need to tell you this first otherwise this article seems useless to you unless you have some basic understanding about GitHub actions and workflow....

March 6, 2020